MagicGRIP is an Australian owned company that has been providing slip solutions to the Australian market for over 30 years.

We provide solutions for your slip and fall hazards areas and back up our workmanship with accredited testing and warranties.  MagicGRIP prides itself on our high level of expertise, training and customer service. 

MagicGrip consultants are selected and undergo thorough and intensive training and ongoing education in the areas of:

•MagicGRIP products

•Understanding and full knowledge of safety floor systems

•Safety requirements

OH&S policy and procedure

•Testing equipment

•Material Safety Data Sheets and Safe Work Method Statements - where required

•Chemical cleaning and ongoing floor maintenance


Slip Issues


Safety Standards / Warranty

MagicGRIP provides clients with a warranty which documents the slip resistance of the floor surface.  We test the surface both prior and following MagicGRIP process.  This will specify how your specific slip issue has been addressed. 

MagicGRIP consultants will attend your premises and measure the co-efficient of friction (degree of slip resistance) of your floors with an ASM slip meter. This slip meter reading (indicative of the Australian Standards) will allow us to provide you with advice regarding the pedestrian safety of you floor surface.

Should you need any further certification we can provide accredited testing at your request. 

 Important Facts

The potential for serious injury from slips, trips and falls cannot be overestimated. Such incidents can have critical consequences and long-term effects. Workers’ compensation insurance covers only a small proportion of the costs. It does not account for indirect costs, such as:

• the time to process and manage the injury

• increased workloads for other staff to perform the injured person’s work

• loss of expertise and necessary skills and additional training for replacement staff

• decreased productivity

• the human aspect of pain and suffering.

Effective strategies to make a safety floor system are usually simple, inexpensive and lead to both immediate and long-term benefits, increased productivity and reduced compensation costs. Commonwealth workers’ compensation statistics in the five financial years from 1995 through to 2001 indicate that slip and falls  accounted for 18% of all claims, totalling over $48 million in direct costs to Commonwealth employers. Approximately 1 in every 100 Commonwealth employees is injured as a result of a slip, trip or fall. Slips, trips and falls are the second highest category of injury in terms of cost and the number of incidents each year.  MagicGRIP is the safety floor system for your OH&S needs.








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" To provide a "best practice resource" for both local and international clients, helping them address the increasing issue of slip hazards, in both the domestic and commercial markets"  




"To maintain our market leading position with product quality, versatility of service, expert technical knowledge and strong customer focus.  

To do this, we know that our team and strategic partners share the same vision and values."



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