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Please talk with our qualified MagicGrip technician for advice on our MagicGrip cleaning products.


MagicGrip has a range of the very latest floor safety products to prevent slip hazards these include, tactile indicators, braille signs, coatings, cleaning and De-greasing products, sealers, non slip treatments, stair nosings and more.  The core of our business is Magicgrip acid etching, which is a chemical etching, we treat your or slippery floor to make them safer wet than dry.  Our chemical etching process is not a anti slip coating so it doesn't rub off.


Surpasses all relevant Australian Standards,  the Australian Standards for slip resistance in the wet for pedestrian surfaces are AS/NZS4586 and AS/NZS4663.  Many independent slip resistance testing authorities, including the CSIRO, confirm that the MagicGrip process is suitable for almost all wet pedestrian situations.


Independent slip resistance testing is regularly conducted on MagicGrip treated surfaces.  In all cases MagicGrip surpasses required standards.  Ask us for a copy of standards Australia and CSIRO's slip resistance recommendations.


It comes with a 2 year commercial warantee.  MagicGrip floor safety treatment is invisible to the naked eye yet dramatically increases slip resistance creating a non-slip surface for all pedestrians and vehicles.  The treatment permanently modifies the floor safe surface it is not a coating and therefore will not wear off.


Australia's only accredited applicators of MagicGrip, Australian owned and operated.  Manufactured in Australia.  A remarkable process that permanently, quickly and invisibly fixes slippery tiled, stone, ceramic and porcelain surfaces inside or out to prevent slip hazards.


MagicGrip is not a coating its a process that changes the molecular structure requirements for slip resistance of the slippery floor surface.


Highly durable it cannot scrape off or chip.  No periodic re-application required.  Invisible to the naked eye unlike a non slip paint it wont feel "bump"  like most other non-slip treatments.


A floor safety system by MagicGrip feels like a million microscopic suction cups beneath your feet.... leaving you feeling safe from slip hazards. MagicGrip is a safety floor system for all your floor safety slip and fall issues..



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